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Stress is a number one cause for aches and pains, or hidden emotions, which we harbor within the body.  Have you tried a REIKI session?


30 minute session...............$30                             Student session...................$50

45 minute session...............$45                             Hot Stone session................$90

60 minute session...............$65                             Infant massage class...........$20

                                                                                 60 minute lesson for parent/caregiver                                                            (4 sessions to complete)

90 minute session...............$85                                    

Couples massage available by appointment to coincide two therapists


Completely natural products with NO streaking or orange tinge. #1` AVIVA  products with not nut base or Alcohol to dry out the skin.

Preview my daughter getting hers done on Open Pathways Facebook page.

We offer full room privacy with disposable under garments as well as mobile party's

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Vanessa Urquhart



REIKI II Practitioner
  Vanessa Urquhart
Client will be fully Dressed

Just physically & Emotionally Drained?
In a healthy state, our internal environment takes energy in, utilizes it & dissipates it back into the environment with fluidity as it depends on a smooth & efficient transformation of energy for muscle movement.  Ever feel completely drained?
With low or restricted energy flow, we become extremely vulnerable to illness.  REIKI, allows energy to circulate through the practitioners hands using a still and focused hand placement routine, opening up your energy path and releasing blockages, bringing your mind and body into balance to experience total relaxation and as some say, enhancing the quality of well-being and life.

60 minute REIKI session with Vanessa Urquhart: .............$60.00       603-998-4499

                                                      Office Policies & Expectations

                                                       Respect, Dignity & Integrity
                                                           You get what you give!

1) Payment is expected at the time of session. The responsible party booking any appointment either for one OR for a group of sessions, will be responsible  for any discrepancies of any payments within that group. 

2) Please be respectful of my time and I will be of yours as well.  Session time WILL NOT be extended due to your tardiness and you will be charged for the slotted scheduled time.

3) A 24 hour cancellation notice is required with a one time emergency allowance and frequent abuse of this will constitute full payment charge for the slotted time and replacement with another client when possible for this time frame.

4) Lack of proper hygiene constitutes NO session.

5) Sexual harassment will NOT be tolerated, draping IS required, and if the practitioners safety feels compromised,  the session will terminate and you will be escorted off the premises NOT to return.

7) A health history form to better personalize your session, will be filled out at your initial visit? Please inform me of any changes in your health at the time of each session.

Appointments only


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