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Infant Massage

On a more lighter, softer note, I love to  coach caregivers through an enjoyable massage session with their infant.  It's a program they can enjoy, as they become aware of what the cues of their child is telling them and learn to utilize those special moments with their child.

Parents/ Caregivers are the biggest source of comfort and love a baby has, as well as the parent/caregiver feeling comfortable with and learning the needs of the baby.  Bonding after birth brings out the parent's sensitivity and ability to be vital and capable nurturers.  For many fathers, bonding occurs on a different timetable, due to the lack of early contact such as that which the mothers experience during breastfeeding.

A child's relationship to a trusting and caring adult is a foundation of emotional development and personality development.

       Smell of a parent is a comfort to baby and reassuring memory imprint.

Skin-to-skin contact triggers our very first sense, touch, which has been proven to increase the healthy balance, coordination & development of the nervous system.

Eye-to-eye contact provides meaningful communication at  close range, triggering a message in the brain to temporarily shut down the production of stress hormones.

Massage contains all of the elements necessary to establishing the bond between parent and child, helping them to become attuned to each other.  It can be effective for helping babies sleep deeper and for longer periods of time.  It's a loving interaction between parent/caregiver and baby that helps to build a lifelong bond of love and trust.

Infant Massage improves mother-infant interaction for mothers with postnatal depression.  Research has proven that massaged babies gain healthy weight and nurturing touch helps to enhance the digestion process.

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