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  Swedish Massage:              
Light, rhythmic strokes,oil based, just pure mind/body relaxation.......................................

Neuromuscular/ Myofascial:
Triggerpoint Therapy

Trigger points can affect athletic performance with a feeling of a loss of timing, or feel out of sync with what they're doing, affecting muscle flexibility and performance. A technique used to block the cycle between pain and spasm where pain can cause spasm and spasm causing pain, with steady pressure creating a localized ischemia or lack of circulation allowing the spasm to let up.
Breaking the fascia up between the muscles releases the muscles from sticking together allowing the muscles to work individually rather than one whole unit

Sports Massage
A maintenance program helps the athlete reach maximum performance and work towards injury-free training.  Focus's on specific muscles used in sports and/or fitness activities maximizing the supply of nutrients and oxygen with increased blood flow and may incorporate stretching.  Helps the body to recover from strenuous exercise and facilitates the rebuilding phase of conditioning between events and exercises.
Using muscle relaxation and stretching it may result in faster healing and reduce discomfort during rehabilitation. 

Lymphatic Drainage
A holistic approach to promoting a healthy lymphatic system.
The lymphatic system aids the immune system promoting cellular oxygenation for the regeneration of cells by removing excess fluid, waste, debris, dead blood cells, and toxins from the body's cells and the tissue spaces between them.  Working with the circulatory system it helps deliver nutrients, oxygen and hormones from the blood to the cells that help make up the tissues of the body.When the lymph system slows down due to toxin and/or protein build up, cellular oxygenation decreases and tissue regeneration diminishes.
Lymphatic drainage works through light, rhythmic strokes with the touch of a feather, rerouting the stagnation of build up back into the circulatory system and filtering and detoxifying the immune system improving the regeneration of tissue cells for faster healing to surgical sites, increasing antigen flow, improving antigen/antibody contact helping in the inflammatory process with chronic fatigue, bronchitis, sinusitis, fibromyalgia 

Prenatal massage
Not recommended before the first trimester.  Prenatal massage is designed to reduce the physical strain associated with pregnancy.  Relaxes tense muscles, improving mobility and circulation, and eases areas of soreness during each trimester upon weight gain and gravitational pull which makes mom uncomfortable. 

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