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Why Soft Tissue Therapy?

To have healthy muscles that support healthy joints by maintaining normal function, flexibility and overall  health
             (helping the central nervous system maintain homeostatic health).

Tired, cramping, achy, muscles and lack flexibility?  Soft tissue bodywork may be the answer.  When we push ourselves over our limits, our muscles and joints end up complaining leaving us feeling achy, sore overwhelmed with fatigue.
How we use our body has a direct impact on our

posture,    nervous,   circulatory,   digestive,
lymphatic       muscular

affecting how we enjoy everyday life.

Chronic soft tissue pain can leave you unable to work or sleep,
with lose of appetite.
Physical activity of any kind can be exhausting as well as reducing or eliminating pain which causes restriction.

Release restrictions and increase circulation to muscles that caused by stress/or trauma,
 work towards injury-free training as well as reduce or eliminate pain which causes restriction.

Soft Tissue Bodywork enhances movement with greater range of motion of
the joints.  Athletes, especially runners benefit from this work greatly.   

Studies show that regular Therapeutic massage sessions help to improve range of motion and flexibility enhancing power and performance for many athletes, while helping the body release it's natural painkillers (endorphins), increasing circulation of blood & lymph flow, flushing congested areas and allowing fresh oxygen and nutrients into sore muscles which in turn improves body/mind function, decreasing pain and helping to support the immune system allowing us to live fuller, happier lives.                


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