Simply By Touch, LLC

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Appointments only


Client will be fully dressed,

Zero Balancing uses gentle traction on joints with gentle finger pressure (fulcrums), directed on (with out manipulation of) bones beneath soft tissue, on the trunk, legs, neck and feet. 

Balancing the clients own body "structure" with their own "energy flow," brings an experience of expanded awareness, which enables greater peace, stillness and order, with a better relationship (less chaotic) between the mind and body.

Helping the body return to a more healthy, balanced condition by

  • quieting the mind
  • clearing and organizing the body
  • integrating the two into one well-functioning whole

good for helping to get through

  • grieving
  • depression
  • lifestyle changes
  • relationship issues
  • traumatic issues
  • chronic pain issues

Allowing an opportunity for change or an opening of change and to new possibilities.

The body and the mind form a single entity and should not be treated separately, but integrated within this entity. 


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